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3 Ways To Wear A Sweatshirt

2:41 AM

3 Ways To Wear A Sweatshirt

The weather has dropped recently and everyone is taking out their sweaters and knits to keep warm. However, I love seeing the fashion set during this past Fashion Month wearing sweatshirts differently. Usually a sweatshirt is used at the gym or for a lazy Sunday, but according to the ladies above it can be worn very stylishly.

3 Ways To Wear A Sweatshirt
My favorite way of wearing a sweatshirt is with a full skirt a la Jane Keltner as above.  I love a boxy top with a feminine bottom. 

My sweatshirt combo is 1 & 5... Pick your combo and tell me in the comments.

1. NEIL BARRETT tri-colour sweatshirt // 2. DAFTBIRD crew neck sweatshirt // 3. TOPSHOP Corded Cornelli Sweat // 4. Rag & Bone Exclusive Destroyed Buckley Boyfriend Jeans // 5. Topshop Waffle Full Calf Skirt // 6. Tibi Leather Cropped Pant

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