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Martie Punched Oxfords by Adam Tucker with Rubber Tabs

3:12 PM

Martie Punched Oxfords by Adam Tucker with Rubber Tabs

Don't you hate when you wear shoes and after a few steps you have to grab an emergency band-aid from your bag because there's a blister that's about to happen on your heel? Yes, we've all been through it! Quite honestly, I have avoided wearing oxfords, loafer and shoes of the like because of the potential blister. As I was out attending my market appointments I came across the Adam Tucker Spring '14 collection of shoes. I was tickled to find out that Adam has an assortment of shoes with a rubber tab on the back of the heel to avoid blistering and just to provide comfort. The Spring collection is obviously not in stores yet, but Anthropologie has a few styles for this Fall/Winter season. If you love to wear flats but hate the irritation on your heel you should consider the Martie Punched Oxfords.

Besides band-aids, how do you avoid blistering on the back of the heel?

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