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The Numbers Collection by Glitterrings

11:29 PM

The Numbers Collection by Glitterrings

Besides astrology, I love to research numerology. Numerology is the relationship of a number coinciding with special events. For example, my favorite Singer Beyonce loves using the number 4 for many aspect in her personal life. The date of her wedding to Jay-Z was the 4th day of the month and her birthday is the 4th of September. Also in her singing career, her fourth studio album was titled, 4. At the Glitterrings showroom for their Spring preview, they introduced The Number Collection. All you have to do is add the numbers in your birthdate and get the shimmering necklace with your number.

See above, my number is 9 which means Dynamic..Add your birthdate and tell me in the comments below...

The Numbers Collection by Glitterrings

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