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Spotted: Sneakers at the Chanel Spring '14 Couture Show

1:30 AM

Sneakers at the Chanel Spring '14 Couture Show

Well I guess hell has frozen over! Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel Spring '14 Couture show sent out his models in sneakers. According to Style.com, the sneakers are by Massaro, a couture shoe atelier, which may cost an estimated 3000 Euros. 
I love the juxtaposition of wearing a couture gown from the infamous house Chanel with a side of running sneakers. Karl wanted to show that his customer can be active but still remaining serene. Well the jury is still out if the aforementioned sneakers is for serenity or being active. Either way, I love that Karl always comes up with his own concept.

What do you think of the sneakers at the Chanel Couture show?

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