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5 Tips For Transitioning From College To The Work Place from Dorie Golkin Smith and Emelyn Northway, Co-founders of Of Mercer

10:16 PM

5 Tips For transitioning From College To The Work Place
The summer is known as the transition season. High school graduates are transitioning for college and college graduates are transitioning for the workplace. One of the most stressful aspects from going to college the job interview is the age old question, "what should I wear for a job interview?" It's difficult to figure out what exactly is best depending on the industry you're going into, but it also less of headache when you have a foolproof attire to wear. Dorie Golkin Smith and Emelyn Northway are co-founders of Of Mercer. They met at Wharton Business school and bonded over that they were wearing the same black dress. Of Mercer offers chic workwear dresses at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Dorie and Emelyn have been on their shares of job interviews coming straight out of college and can offer some tips on transitioning from college to the work place.

See the 5 tips below...

1 1.) Do your research – Dress codes almost always fall into three categories: Business Formal, Business Casual, and Casual.  While there are general guidelines for each, the definitions of office-appropriate can vary widely between industries, geographies, and even firms. Do your homework and talk to people who have worked at the firm or in the industry to find out what is expected.  And don’t assume that a formal suit is always okay – if the firm values creativity or has a relaxed culture, they might hold that against you. If you’ve done your homework but are still a bit unsure what to wear, always err on the conservative side.

2.    2.) Be prepared to ride the elevator with the CEO – Many of us gals change from flip flops to heels when we get to our desks, but the worst way to make a first impression is to be in shower shoes when you run into your interviewer or future-boss in the elevator or lobby. Before you walk in the office building, make sure you’d be comfortable seeing the CEO in exactly what you’re wearing.

3.     3.)  Invest in staple pieces – Start by a focusing on a few high-quality basics in timeless silhouettes and solid colors.  A classic black or neutral-colored sheath dress (like the Of Mercer Fifth Avenue) is a must-have.  With just one sheath dress, you can create endless outfits and looks using accessories and layers. (Hint: no one will notice if you wear it everyday!)  Another must-have is a black suiting blazer (like the Of Mercer Prince Blazer). This will help make any outfit business formal, and can do double duty on the weekend over jeans and a t-shirt for a casual-chic look.

4.     4.Accessories are your friend! – When you’re just starting off in the workplace, there is no easier way to make the most out of a limited wardrobe than by accessorizing.  Adding a scarf, a statement necklace, or even a simple belt over a sweater can not only transform a simple dress, but can also make you look effortlessly polished.  This is also a great way to incorporate some of your more casual colleges pieces into your new work wardrobe.

5.       5.) Embrace your personal style  - Within the confines of your office dress code and cultural norms, feel free to express your personal style. Being comfortable in your own skin (or outfit) is critical to being successful at your new job as you’ll be more authentic and show more confidence to your new colleagues.   

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