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Let's Refresh With Bon Affair's Grapefruit-Mango Mimosa

10:00 AM

Let's Refresh With Bon Affair's Grapefruit-Mango Mimosa
Bon Affair's Grapefruit-Mango Mimosa 

It's Summer so everyone is hitting the gym and watching calories and among those things are the parties that are consistent (especially here in NYC). One of the best enjoyment after a long day is throwing back a cold cocktail that's not loaded with calories. I recently came across Bon Affair, a new premium wine spritizer that made with real California wine, purified sparkling water, electrolytes, no sugar and is half the calories of regular wine. Also the entire Bon Affair 750mL bottle is only 300 calories...just amazing! I have a super delicious  Grapefruit-Mango Mimosa cocktail recipe for your tasting.

See the recipe below ...

1 ripe mango, chopped and pure´ed
1 pink grapefruit, juiced
1 bottle of Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc

Chill Bon Affair. Mix the mango and grapefruit juice in a pitcher. Add one bottle of Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc, stir, pour into champagne flutes, add grapefruit peel garnish.

image via bonaffair.com

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