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3 Tips for Dressing for the Winter by Elle's Jade Frampton

1:01 PM

No matter if you're a New York native or just living in NYC, it's hard to guage how to dress for the winter. Season after season it baffles us all to know what to invest for in our wardobe. Jade Frampton, the Senior Market Editor at Elle Magazine is a Flordia native but that hasn't stop her from knowing a thing or two about dressing for this erratic winter in NYC. I have her 3 tips for dressing during the winter.
3 Tips for Dressing for the Winter by Elle's  Senior Market Editor, Jade Frampton

Read on for Jade's 3 tips...

1. Invest in coat!...it's where you need to put your money because it's the one thing that people see everyday and it's an investment piece.

2. The boot is great!..A bootie, they're are so fashionable now. They are now boots like Sorel that are actually snow boots that are a fashion items as well.

3. Always layer!...Because the weather can go up and down. But don't discount your summer dresses mix with winter items. I wear a lot of my dresses, I'm from Miami, so I have a lot of summer dresses.  I wear a lot of my summer dresses with a thin tissue cashmere turtleneck underneath, tights and a bootie and I'm ready to go. So don't store all of your summer dresses, you can definitely incorporate them into your winter wardrobe.

What's your favorite tip for dressing during the cooler months?

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