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UNIQLO x LEMAIRE Collaboration

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UNIQLO x LEMAIRE Collaboration
UNIQLO x LEMAIRE Collaboration
Uniqlo is a specialty retailer that designs, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality casual apparel. Coming in October, Uniqlo will be collaborating with Lemaire. Lemaire is a  french lifestyle apparel brand led by designers Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. Lemaire is highly popular in Europe so this collabo will brings some Western exposure to the name.  The launch will happen in early October with womens and mens products, price ranging from $39.90 to $200.

You can see some of the campaign photos below along with Christophe Lemaire's Q&A about this partnership.

Christophe Lemaire's Q&A

What is the philosophy behind Uniqlo and Lemaire?
(Christophe Lemaire) The collaboration showcases Uniqlo’s high quality materials and uncompromising focus on quality at the perfect price. The collection balances strength, tranquility and softness to underscore wearer personalities, The volumes and silhouettes offered are intended to be desirable and inspiring.

How/why did you choose the name 'Uniqlo and Lemaire' for the collaboration?
The simplicity of the collaboration name UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE reflects Uniqlo and Lemaire’s genuine partnership and common philosophy. The word ‘and’ expresses mutual trust. We really work hand in hand, this is as simple as that.

You have your own 'Lemaire' brand, and now you have 'Uniqlo and Lemaire'. How are they different? Is it hard working both?
 We have to be very organized, and focus. It is quite enriching and constructive.

What had it been like working with the Uniqlo team so far?
It was very easy to work with the Uniqlo team because we felt there was mutual respect and trust. This is the most important.

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