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Lily Collins Loved the 50s Fashions in Rules Don't Apply

1:29 AM

Lily Collins in Reem Acra at the Rules Don't Apply movie premiere

At a private screening for Rules Don't Apply featuring Lily Collin as Marla Mabrey and Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes, we get to see Marla Mabrey a small town Baptist girl becomes one of Howard Hughes paid actresses.

Lily Collins spoke exclusively to Chic Inspector about her character Marla Mabrey, Warren Beatty and 1950s fashion:

(Chic Inspector) Do you have any commonality with your character?
(Lily Collins) I do! Marley is incredible determined and passionate. She wants to use her voice for the best and she wants to get our there and what she wants to do. I’m somebody who is passionate and determined as well sometimes to a fault. I take 'no' as 'no not right now' and 'no it’s not for you'. I think her tenacity and strength is something I relate to.

Lily Collins  in Rules Don't Apply

How was it like working with Warren Beatty?
He’s incredible. He’s an icon. He’s a mentor to me, he was playing writer, director, actor, producer. There’s so many hats that he’s wearing. But when he would direct and act at the same time, he would direct in character, so it never took us out of the moment in a scene with him which was really interesting. He was able to know what he wanted and know how to get it and do it in a way that didn’t pull us out of our character which was really interesting.

Lily Collins  in Rules Don't Apply

How did you like wearing 50s fashion in this film?
1950s fashion is one of the most beautiful fashion ever. The feminine shapes are amazing, the undergarments are hella’ uncomfortable. The thing is that you need that [undergarment] underneath in order to help create the way my character move, it helps define the character’s shape and movement. It define the period and Albert Wolsky, our [costume] designer did an immaculate job. My God,  the 1950s was so sexy and mysterious, I love them.

Lily Collins  in Rules Don't Apply

Lily Collins in Reem Acra at the Rules Don't Apply movie premiere
Lily Collins in Reem Acra at the Rules Don't Apply movie premiere 
Rules Don't Apply will release in theatre on November 23, you can view the trailer here.

Pics Credits: dailylilycollins.tumblr.com

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