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This Brand is Bringing Awareness to the Dangers of Heroin

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Heroin Is Not Chic
Heroin Is Not Chic X D.A.R.E. America Collaboration - $28

Here on Chic Inspector, I inspect people, places and things that are chic and with that said I love to bring forth brands that are using their platform for the greater good.

Remember back in the day when the fashion industry coined the term "heroin chic"?  Basically, heroin chic was the description of waif thin models made popular by Kate Moss in the Calvin Klein ads back in the '90s. Well fast forward now in 2016, to encourage someone to look like a druggie would be highly frowned upon and might result in a lawsuit. The drug heroin is no way fashionable, according to D.A.R.E, 78 Americans die every day from opioid  and heroin overdoses.
Heroin Is Not Chic
Heroin Is Not Chic X Pin Drop NYC Collaboration - $12

Heroin Is Not Chic, (HINC) is here to the promote the awareness of the growing heroin and opiate epidemic in the US with their collaborative t-shirts and pins. HINC has collaborated with Pin Drop NYC and D.A.R.E and all of the proceeds will be donated to HNIC X D.A.R.E AMERICA campaign.

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