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Dry January: Here Are 5 Mocktails to Enjoy

11:45 PM

5 Mocktails Recipes!

I would like to see a show of hands of those participating in Dry January...Well kudos to all of you starting the first month of the year by not drinking alcohol. Even though it's a great exercise you're doing, I will not be participating, LOL! I love my white wine too much to give up on that.

But please don't use me as an example. Going a week or a month alcohol free is totally doable, however you have to find the enjoyment of sipping on drink minus the exception of getting a buzz. I've found 5 fun mocktail (cocktails w/o alcohol) recipes that are based around drinks that you may buy at a bar.

So while you're enjoying a mocktail, I will be enjoying an actually cocktail!
Bottoms up! : -)

Mai Tai Mocktail

Sangria Mocktail


Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail

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