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Fitness Tips To Get The New Year Going

1:14 AM

Workout Ready?

For many of you the 'New year, new me'  motto is still going strong for the start of the new year! However the thing about resolutions are that you have to remain consistent and that's where fitness comes in. If your New Years resolution is to get back into the grind of hitting the gym or finding a ways to workout, consistency is the key to get the results you want. Anyway, to help get back in the groove, I have a few tips from three fitness guru that will inspire you to stay consistent.

Sadie Kurzban, Owner of 305 Fitness

  • "Get yourself a routine and invite friends to join you so that you can hold each other accountable. Look for exercise programs you’ll actually enjoy, because it’s the enjoyment that’ll keep you going when you don't feel like doing it."

  • "You sweat a ton during high-intensity cardio and getting out all of those toxins is really revitalizing. Not to mention, this kind of cardio enhances agility, stamina, endurance, cardiovascular stability, appetite, and endorphins."

Amy Sowers Jordon, Founder WundaBar Pilates

  • “Every WundaBar workout combines cardio and toning with elongation for a challenge that meets you where you are. The infusion of cardio through the class's pacing, jump board, and full-body effort help all of our clients tone up.” — Amy Sowers Jordon

Alex Nicholas, Owner of EPIC Hybrid Training

  • “A balanced diet along with a structured schedule that allows for ‘cheat’ meals and vacation time is vital to a person's well-being.” 
  • “The benefits from an EPIC workout are rapid loss in body fat percentage and increased muscle tone all while enjoying a fun, unique fitness experience.”

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