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7 Inspected Trends from the Fall/Winter '17 Collections

4:10 AM

7 Inspected Trends from the Fall/Winter '17 Collections

Fashion Month came to a close not that long ago and what I love doing on here is combing through the collections from New York, London, Milan and Paris to inspect the trends. After looking at what it seems like a hundred of shows and attending a few shows in New York, it's hard not to notice the common thread with a few of them.

Slouchy Boots
Expect these boots to be everywhere think to Rainbow to Saint Laurent in the next few months. Talking about Saint Laurent those damn knee-high silver glitter boots that Instagram went crazy about and Rihanna wore fresh off the runway will sure be in heavy rotation in store windows.

Large Totes
Have a lot of baggage? Carry them in these massive totes that can carry you from the morning to the night out on the town. Just pack all you need and you're ready to go.

Business Suit 2.0
Being a woman has it advantages and rocking a business suit that was initial made for the purpose of man is one of them. However these suits flipped the coin in construction and fit. Whether it's a wide leg pants to sculpted sleeve, we have the choices sashay into any meeting looking chic.

Metallic Silver
Silver made a unexpected come back in a major way for fall '17. Mega shows like Chanel and Saint Laurent really used metallic for shoes to capes to gasp this inspiration of a "futuristic" theme. There's nothing wrong pushing us to the future.

Deep Red
Yes the color red has been around for forever. But I want to touch on something here, because of the political climate and the success of the Women's March made wearing red a statement again.

The Hip-hop 90s tracksuits are back! So if you wanna channel your Run-D.M.C. or pull out a piece of cardboard and breakdance on it, you have the pieces to do it. 

Shearling Coats
I love a shearling coat! An amazing coat is needed when dealing with these extended winters we've been having in the last few years. Except to see them in different colors and length to ensure that's they're variety for the consumer.

What is your favorite trend from the Fall/Winter '17 collections?

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