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Let's Talk: How to Take Care of Denim

10:34 AM

Let's Talk: How to Take Care of Denim

Denim, a very practical and utilitarian piece of clothing that everyone pretty much has in their closet. While most of us wear some kind of a  denim basically everyday, we don't treat this material with the best of care. Whether you have a pair of jeans you love or your go-to jean jacket, you still want to make sure they're in the best looking and feeling condition.

Let's Talk: How to Take Care of Denim

In order to get the run down on denim care, I ask  Evelyn Ober, the creative director of STS Blue, a denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. We all know people in the California loves their jeans!  Here's what Evelyn said,

"Personally, I soak my denim in a bathtub of cold water and white distilled vinegar for 45 mins. They lay flat to dry, the vinegar smell will go away once dry. It maintains the color and locks the original indigo. Did you know water itself will wash away denim dyes over time? And add soap or commercial chemicals found in detergent to water and it will effect and essentially ruin the authentic wash or color you originally bought. I suggest you do this vinegar dip every 2-3 months."

Evelyn indulged me into another cool trick... no pun intended!

"Here is a trick not many people know of…you can FREEZE denim! Put the jeans direct in the freezer unprotected or on a ziplock bag. Freezing kills some bacteria and it gives a quick refresh! 

NEVER wash jeans with hot or warm water, and never add bleach because it fades denim. Ideally hang jeans to dry."

Well there you have it, cold water, vinegar and freezer are ways to take care of your denim.

You're welcome! :-)

If  you want to shop some of STS Blue pieces and use Evelyn's tip, here you go...

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