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Get To Know: 5 Athleisure/Fitness Brands To Wear

9:46 PM

Get To Know: 5 Athleisure/Fitness Brands To Wear

Besides the Lululemon, Old Navy activewear, C9 by Champion there are other activewear/athleisure/fitness fashion brands out there to take some stock in. For the past few years the term athleisure has became  intertwined in everyone's language for those that want to wear activewear without being active. I always say, "to each it's own", if you want to wear activewear without ever stepping a foot in gym you can do that. Also if you want to wear a new and fresh brands for the gym, you can do that too.

Below are five brands that are interchangeable for the non-active to active lifestyle may you have.

Tagline: Vie Active: Activewear Collection –Envisioned to empower women to live an active life, without having to choose between being stylish or fit

2. Carbon38

Tagline: Carbon38: Elevating Fitness to the Level of High Fashion.

3. Alo Yoga

Tagline: A ALO Yoga for on-trend women's yoga clothing tested on real yogis for the best, most slimming, move-with-you fit.

4. Bandier

Tagline: Bandier A Fashion-Forward Perspective On High Performance Activewear

5. Body Language Sportswear

Tagline: Body Language Sportswear offer the most premium activewear for women with active lifestyles.

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