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Inspection Report: Epson Digital Couture FallWinter '18

9:00 AM

Designers: Alexandra Pizzigona Patricia Franklin

Who:  Epson "Digital Couture" Fashion Panel and Presentation F/W 18
Where: Pier 17, NYC
Notes: Epson is not only are printers for the office but they're are a leader in global textile printing innovation, combine that with fashion designers you get Digital Couture.
Thirteen fashion designers worked with Epson and their printing capabilities to create one-of-kind looks. Even though  this was a showcase for the designers, it was Epson and it's technology that stole the show.  The printers that the designer used were the Epson's SureColor F-Series which is make it's really accessible for creatives to have their idea become tangible. As you can see in the below pics, the colors vibrant, bright and crisp.

Grade: B-

Designer Emilio Mata 

Designer Anna Maria Guiulfo

Designer Lua Lua (Michele Gevaerd)

photos credit: FRANK ISHMAN

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