- 11:53 PM

Whitney and the Super-Intern Emily

It seems that many bloggers either like or dislike The Hills . I am guilty I watch The Hills only when anything Teen Vogue work is involv...

- 6:51 PM

Wait a minute it's Spring already?

Okay my mind is hurting, my mother asked me a fashion student (starting on Monday) a simple question, "what are the trends for Spring?&...

- 7:14 PM

A Model on the cover of US Vogue?!

I know my previous posts has been Vogue Magazine related but this is mention-worthy, a model will grace the cover of US Vogue for the June 2...

- 9:32 PM

Scarlett Johanson on the cover of Vogue

Many people have different opinions about this cover, I really really like it. I loved the soft waves in Scarlett hair, the dark lip and th...

- 1:38 PM

This is ridiculous!!!

It really is ridiculous that everyone it seems from nymag, to Fashionista and to the Jossip is curious about the mystery of ViewFromTheFo...

- 12:31 PM

Quote For The Day...

"Most of the Vogue girls are so thin, tremendously thin, because Miss Anna don't like fat people.” Andre Leon Talley Inspiration: T...

- 8:16 PM

Coco Rocha Irish Dance

After reading the Nicole Phelps Jean Paul Gaultier review about his fall 2007 Collection on style.com , she mention that Coco Rocha performe...

- 9:24 PM

Tell Me It's Not True...

That Marc Jacobs checked himself into rehab. I was reading it on one of my favorite blog, J'Adore Couture . Well I hope he get better.

- 10:48 PM

Inspected Trend: Color Pop

Versace, Lanvin, Matthew Williamson, Giles, Preen, Bruno Pieters It was wild to see many designers for the fall 2007 collection presentatio...

- 12:35 PM

Quote for the Day...

" Fashion is so perishable and if you have a thought even the night before that what you're doing is wrong and it already feels old...

- 4:04 PM

Inspected Trend: Black on Black

There is something sexy, slimming and daring when is black is mix with black. Many designers during Milan and Paris fashion week mixed it up...

- 9:24 PM

Inspected Trend: Wide Leg Pants

One of the most refreshing looks to grace the runway this fashion week season was the wide leg pants. For most of the past year everything h...

- 9:08 PM

"I Can't Believe I Was Speaking To Her!!!"

Those were the words I uttered out my mouth when I watched the Dior Fall 2007 Fashion Show on Style.com and recognized a face that I though...



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