Whitney and the Super-Intern Emily

It seems that many bloggers either like or dislike The Hills. I am guilty I watch The Hills only when anything Teen Vogue work is involve I could care less about Heidi and her dog of a boyfriend Spence. Years ago when I was basically defeated to obtain a fashion internship myself I watch or read what's going on when it comes to fashion internships positions.

In the recent episode Andre Leon Talley gather memorable Oscars gown for Good Morning America and the Teen Vogue interns, Whitney and Emily were two of the models. The highlight of the show of course was that embarassing tumble Whitney had in her Hilary Swank gown, check out the video below. In the coming months I would love to see who will land that Fashion Contributor position at Teen Vogue Whitney or Super intern Emily. You all can check out more of the other Teen Vogue interns on the website.

Video from bestweekever.tv

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Wait a minute it's Spring already?

Okay my mind is hurting, my mother asked me a fashion student (starting on Monday) a simple question, "what are the trends for Spring?" I was for a couple of second lose of words. Why was that? Maybe for the reason that last month February I was totally rooted in the fall 2007 collections and the frigid weather hasn't change since only a couple of days ago. In the metro area the temperatures are slightly rising and basically the retails stores for the past two weeks stocked their spring collections. However I didn't pay to much attention to the spring lines in the stores just because mentally I am still in the Fall/Winter season of last year and this year. I felt that there was no need to look a short sleeved tunics and capris when it's cold outside. Now that the sun is shining slighty warmer now I really have get to know what the spring trends are. I made of list of things to do to get in the groove of Spring 2007:

  1. Check Style.com for a refresher of the Spring collections

  2. Observe the spring collections in clothing stores instead of going to the sale rack (that where all the fall clothes are)

  3. Look over Elle's Spring Vips

  4. Browse over Glam.com's Best of NY Fashion Week

  5. Watch the International Fashion Channel podcast for the Spring 2007 fashion show videos

I am going to do my homework so I can be in the right state of mind of whats happening in the Spring season. If anyone else has any tips for me to get in the groove please do leave a comment.

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A Model on the cover of US Vogue?!

I know my previous posts has been Vogue Magazine related but this is mention-worthy, a model will grace the cover of US Vogue for the June 2007 issue. The fortunate model will be Doutzen Kroes. If I am not wrong the last model that was on the cover of US Vogue was Liya Kebede which I think was an afterthought when a certain celebrity back out at the last minute. But anyway I am hoping in this celebrity infuatuated culture that we live in that the rise of the supermodel will be back. I believe if Vogue magazine a.k.a the Fashion Bible (to some) put this trend back into effect other fashion magazines will follow. Ok now lets reminiscence to the 90's when Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell were the it-models gracing the cover of ALL the magazines.

*Sigh* Great times.

Doutzen Kroes pic courtesy style.com


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Scarlett Johanson on the cover of Vogue

Many people have different opinions about this cover, I really really like it. I loved the soft waves in Scarlett hair, the dark lip and the overall classic and modern look that Scarlett is posing on this cover. I know this is the shape issue and love love how the EMBRACE YOUR SHAPE headline is right in the curve of Scarlett's back. This is the first cover in a loooong time that caught my eye by US Vogue. Hmmm, I don't know but I might be buying this issue.
pic courtesy of justjared.com
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This is ridiculous!!!

It really is ridiculous that everyone it seems from nymag, to Fashionista and to the Jossip is curious about the mystery of ViewFromTheFourthRow blog. I mean come on people it is just a blog with words and opinions. I guess people in this fashion arena don't like to be criticized or some people feel that this supposedly "Conde Nast Fashion Editor " shouldn't have a blog at all. The question is why the fascination with this blog? Many people on the internet are real and sometimes fake of who they really are in the blogging world. Why do people need to dissect who this person claim to be? is it because she's talking about the fashion heavy hitters in the magazine world and a little glimpse in the life of her being a fashion editor is too good to be true that people just can't stomach it.
What's funny is that this person behind this blog could just be a 18 year old boy trying to throw everyone in a loop with tales of attending a few fashion shows, who really knows? What be different if there was a blogger claiming to be a 20 year fashion student in LA but who really is a 36 year old mother of three living in a rural city? The power of the internet and blogging is that people can be anonymous at will and I believe that's why everyone is in a curious mood about this certain "blogger". But seriously it's just blog.
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Quote For The Day...

"Most of the Vogue girls are so thin, tremendously thin, because Miss Anna don't like fat people.” Andre Leon Talley

Inspiration: The reason I posted this quote today because I finally read the New York Magazine article, The Incredible Shrinking Model by Emily Nussbaum. I know I really late with this, but Emily pointed some good theories about why models are so thin and who should be the blame. My favorite paragraph of the article was when Kate Armenta, a booker for Vogue said, "Honestly, I have to give credit to Anna, She’s always been very outspoken against thin models. Vogue has never tried to perpetuate that look.” So I thought that Andre Leon Talley quote would be perfect for today.

pic courtesy of nymag.com
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Coco Rocha Irish Dance

After reading the Nicole Phelps Jean Paul Gaultier review about his fall 2007 Collection on style.com, she mention that Coco Rocha performed "a high-stepping Celtic dance". So I finally track down the video on youtube.
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Tell Me It's Not True...

That Marc Jacobs checked himself into rehab. I was reading it on one of my favorite blog, J'Adore Couture. Well I hope he get better.
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Inspected Trend: Color Pop

Versace, Lanvin, Matthew Williamson, Giles, Preen, Bruno Pieters

It was wild to see many designers for the fall 2007 collection presentations to pop up their collection by having a few garments that were a brust of color. Fall season is usually a black/gray color season so it was really lovely when a designer a la Versace during the runway presentation showed looks of black and gray to turn it up and show a few looks with solid colors of blue, green and red (it was really eye popping on style.com). Then there was Matthew Williamson collection which majority of his collection was full with color and definitely one of my favorite this season. I just love when designers think outside of the box when it come to expectations for the season and give us looks that's literally are a delight for our eyes.

Pics from style.com
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Quote for the Day...

"Fashion is so perishable and if you have a thought even the night before that what you're doing is wrong and it already feels old or looks old you have to, you have to move heaven and earth. You have to kill yourself, you have to drive everyone around you crazy to get to exactly where it should be and as close as it can be to the right thing right before it goes out on the runway. So it's really right up to the last minute...it's fashion"
-Tom Ford

pic courtesy of askmen.com
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Inspected Trend: Black on Black

There is something sexy, slimming and daring when is black is mix with black. Many designers during Milan and Paris fashion week mixed it up with different textures, fabrics and accessories but still staying all black. What I love about black is that anyone, any shape or size can pull this color off.

Below are my favorite looks off this season runways:

Dsquared2, Versace, Givenchy, Burberry, Hermes

Runway pics courtesy of style.com

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Inspected Trend: Wide Leg Pants

One of the most refreshing looks to grace the runway this fashion week season was the wide leg pants. For most of the past year everything has been about the skinny jeans and everything tight. Marc Jacobs said it best,

" Sexy doesn't have to mean a pair of tight pants or a low cut dress. I think it's very beautiful and much more interesting to see a girl body through a big transparent sort of voluminous pant then it is to see it in a tight knee length skirt, at the moment."

The Runway

Matthew Williamson, Badgley Mischka, Marc by Marc Jacobs

The Street Way

Runway pics courtesy of style.com
Street way pic far right: stylediary.net, the rest I can't remember, sorry.
Marc Jacobs quote courtesy of VideoFashion ep.45

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My Video Coverage of New York Fashion Fall 2007 Finales

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"I Can't Believe I Was Speaking To Her!!!"

Those were the words I uttered out my mouth when I watched the Dior Fall 2007 Fashion Show on Style.com and recognized a face that I thought looked familiar. In one of my NY fashion week coverage post I wrote:

After the Tibi show I was sitting waiting for the Monique Lhuillier show to start when I ask the lady next to me was she waiting for the show to start she she yes and we started to have a conversation. Anyway turns out to be that she is a Fashion Director at a store in Canada. She asked me did I see the Tibi show and we started talking about that. She said that majority the collection she would use it for her store because it had really great wearable dresses and coats. The lady was really nice she asked what so far was my favorite show I saw I said the Matthew William show and then I said the Marc Jacobs show.

That Fashion Director for that store in Canada was Barbara Atkin for Holt Renfrew. That's right who would have known that I was speaking to very well respected person in the fashion industry. You can check out some of her commentary on the Dior show in Paris on youtube.

The funny thing is that she told she was going to Paris and Milan for the shows and I was bit jealous. It's just crazy being at a event like NY Fashion Week and meeting and chit-chatting with people you don't know too well who they are or what they do and turns someone like this lady that was just sitting calm and collective who was very pleasant is considered by Elle Canada a "Power Woman".
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