Inspected Trend: Yellow NYC

This season in New York many designers had a fleck of yellow splashed into their collections. It's highly appreciated that designers went ahead and brighten up a collection in some way in this cliche 'dark' times. It is fitting to know that designers are sending a optimistic message through their collections.
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Vibrancy is in at Tibi

Tanya D at Tibi

It seemed like there was a bust of energy that was displayed on the runway that spreaded to the audience at Tibi. We all felt it even the photographers in the pit collectively cheered when Tanya D came out in the last look, the pink "snowmaiden gown" (seen above). I was on the edge of my seat admiring the color pallete of some of the looks; teal, pink, yellow all in flowy silk dresses, skirts and coats.

Tanya D at Tibi
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Bloggers Break Time

Camille, Connie & ElanaAfter the Karen Walker show I decided to get me legs some needed rest at the Tents when I looked to my left and saw some familiar faces.

Camille from Childhood flames, Connie from Pretty Legit and Elana, Teen Vogue's intern.

It's great to see other fashion bloggers attending shows around the city and enjoying the incentive of getting a gift bag.
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Suze Yalof Schwartz with Sergio Corvacho

Suze Yalof Schwartz with Makeup artist Sergio Corvacho Seen here Glamour's Executive Fashion Editor at Large Suze Yalof Schwartz with celebrity Makeup artist Sergio Lopez-Rivera.

It's always refreshing to see Suze and today when I saw her she really looked refreshed; her makeup was down by no other than Sergio. Make sure you all who will not be able to make it to the Tents to check out Suze Yalof Schwartz behind the scene coverage of the hottest shows this season for Videofashion Daily that will air on NYCTV(check your local listings).
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Karen Walker, the calm after the storm

Made it to the Karen Walker show this afternoon because of fashion obligation. I just had to. Karen Walker show is always great for people in the front row, music and of course the clothes . But before the lights dimmed and models strutting down the runway the standing room line was anxiously waiting to get in and grab a seat. As the Pr Guy slowly put his hands on the velvet rope to open up people quickly started to shove to get in almost knocking me down. I couldn't believe it people were literally climbing over chairs to get a better seat. Anyway after some of the standing room line people got settled... then the lights dimmed and the models came down the runway.

Karen Walker at the end of her show

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Kate L. keeping her cool

Kate Lanphear front row at Karen Walker
It wouldn't be New York fashion week without seeing the forever chic Kate Lanphear. I took this pic at the Karen Walker show before it began. Sitting next to her is good & also fabulous friend David Thielebule and right behind her is another friend of hers, former Teen Vogue editor Kristin Rawson.
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Models On the Go!

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Graey by Janet Kim Fall 2009 Presentation

Janet Kim showed her line Graey at Morgan Court in a small loft over looking the Empire State building. Inside the loft however was her Fall 2009 presentation showing only a few pieces. I never heard of Graey or Janet Kim so I have to write that I was excited that I showed up at her presentation. Even though it wasn't an abundance of looks it was enough to show everyone her capability as an emerging designer.

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BCBG Max Azria

Max Azria delighted the crowd this evening some people however were still reeling from the previous show that was Charlotte Ronson. The show started off with dresses in white flowed into silk jersey draped dresses in jewel tones to velvet draped dresses in jewels tones (ha!).
There were some dresses with geometric prints and puffy 3/4 sleeves paired with metallic leggings. There were two voluminous coats in the show to die for!
Sorry for the crappy pics :(
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I Spy, you Spy: Stoned at Ronson?

Guy A: "Dude they were all stoned at that show. I couldn't understand why? There were no parties last night."
Guy B: "Dude did you see Sean Lennon's Girlfriend? She looked hot."
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Captured: Iekeliene Stange

Saw model Iekeliene Stange today. I'm not sure still how I feel about her new hair color. Maybe at the end of the week I'll probably get use to it.

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Vogue and BMW Event

I went to the Vogue and BMW event at Event Space. It was really awesome to see all who showed up tonight.

Chanel Iman Chanel Iman wearing Donna Karan. I had a quick chat with Chanel when I asked her what does she expect this fashion week season she replied, "too see faces of color." Yes, I hope to see that too.

Chanel Iman and Joy Bryant wearing Missoni

Joy Bryant, Chanel Iman, Mary Alice Stephenson, Helena Christensen,?,?

Rachel Zoe

Aya Kanai Teen Vogue Editor Aya Kanai, Teen Vogue editor. Love her!

Julia Frakes from Bunny Bisous
Julia Frakes from Bunny Bisous she is such a sweetheart.
Dress - A.F Vandevorst
pin/tights/bag- Chanel Paris/London
Shoes - Stella McCartney
Hat - Opening Ceremony
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Geren Ford Fall 2009 Presentation + model down caught on video

Geren Ford presented her collection at the Milk studios to a slew of big name editors most of them came and went even before I could even take my camera out. I adored this collection of ultra femimine pieces of ruffles tops, leather vests and mini skirts. I also loved the use of the scarves so I was extra happy when I left the presentation the great pr girl handed everyone that attend a Geren Ford scarf.

However during my rounding out all the looks I caught on camera a model near collapsing on the platform. Watch the video below to see my effort of trying to help and how the model bounced back. Yay for her (sorry I have no clue what's her name).

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My essentials for NY Fashion Week

Don't leave home without #nyfw
Literally in a fews hours I will be heading out the door to attend some shows but before I go I would like to show my basics materials to get me through New York Fashion Week.

1. Leopard Print umbrella: the print is a little gaudy but it's the smallest umbrella I have so it will have to do.
2. Huge Sunglasses: I love these babies to death I can't leave home without it.
3. Weekly Planner: I'm writing the details of the week in this so I don't forget anything.
4. Ipod: Listening to Britney Spears Circus album can really kill time.
5. Nokia Phone: Need I say more?!
6. Sanitizer: Hoping on the subway and using the "restroom" at Bryant Park this is a necessity.
7. Invites: Got a make sure I get in the Tents and I don't want to have an embarassing moment.
8. "Dont Leave New York Naked: Save the Garment District" button: If you see a girl wearing this button come say hi, I promise I don't bite.
9. Cameras: I have two, one for video and taking pictures.
10. Notepad: Got to take notes and thoughts, it's a busy time I might forget something.
11. Lipgloss: No chapped lips at Fashion Week.
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Watch This Before New York Fashion Week Begins

This is one of my favorite videos in a long time. However I would like to share this with you guys because this was taped during New York Fashion long before the recession hit and the days weren't so gloomy.
In the video you will see Andre Leon Talley, Pamela Pekerman from BagTrends.com, an editor I worked with at Self Magazine and many other faces that are in the industry. So please watch it's so Hilarious!!!

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Inspected Trend: Cut It Out

One last Spring 2009 inspected trend before the Fall 09 looks come down the runways or intimately shown in small venues.

Inspected Trend: Cut it out

I usually associate cut outs with my first grade snowflake art projects but these looks shows that designers can create shapes on the body just by precise slits and slices to the fabric. My favorite look from above would be by “those crazy girls” (a stylist said this to me) referring to Laura and Kate of Rodarte. They might be “crazy” but they know how to design, they know who to craft clothes based on the most intriquing inspiration. I'm still in love with their exoskeletons looks from the runway.

long exhale... let fashion week begin!!!
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Michelle O. on the cover of Vogue

Michelle Obama on the cover of March Vogue
In a very long time this issue will be the one I will buy. I just can't wait to read what A.L.T wrote about this beautiful and fashionable First Lady.

Uh, talk about optimism.

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Ready, Set, Shop

Showroom Seven is having another sample so before you get to hit the Tents at Bryant Park go there and get some Charlotte Ronson digs at a great price.
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