anna dello russo - 5:41 PM

Fruits in Fashion

This won't be the first time that wearing fruit is a trend. We've seen Prada send models do...

royal wedding - 4:44 PM

The Royal Wedding Hoopla soon to be over?

Hopefully after tomorrow the Royal Wedding madness will simmer down a little bit. I'm not the one of those, "I'm sick about h...

earth day - 12:17 PM

The Lucky Winners are...

Congrats to the winners of the Stewart & Brown Earth Day Giveaway! Heather Sathra Justin, Stephanie, and Domestic Diva

earth day - 1:14 PM

Happy Earth Day!

The Chic Inspector + Stewart & Brown Giveaway deadline is at 11:59pm today. Enter Now for a cha...

karl lagerfeld - 12:33 AM

Quote of the Day: Karl Lagerfeld on the Pressures of the Fashion Industry

“They shouldn’t have taken on the job in the first place. If they can’t handle the pressure, they ...

Project runway - 6:08 PM

Project Runway Open Casting Call for Season 9

Hey Aspiring Designers that want to get touch by the reality bug, Project Runway is holding an open ...

john galliano - 3:05 PM

Stick a Fork In It, You're Done!

This goes to John Galliano. News broke today that John Galliano was ousted at his namesake collection. I never wrote about the anti-sem...

fall 2011 - 4:29 PM

Market Appointment: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Fall 2011 Collection

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Fall 2011 collection is for the quintessential hippie girl. Arriv...

earth day - 12:54 AM

Stewart & Brown Earth Day Giveaway!!!

The day of Green is upon us, that's right Earth Day is a few days aways and I have quite a tre...

Inspected Trend - 3:20 PM

Inspected Trend: Skirt It as a Dress

There's no doubt a huge trend right now among the blogger elite and fashion crowd is the maxi p...

lookbook - 10:49 PM

Zara Colorful April '11 Lookbook

You can always depend on Zara for taking major trends from the runway and interpreting them for th...

Levis - 5:54 PM

fall 2011 - 7:41 PM

Industry Publicity Market Favs

Dicks Cotton Red Frames Sunglasses Steven Dann Platform Wedges KYMERAH Cowl Neck Blouse David ...

chic envy - 5:58 PM

Chic Envy: Mens Street-Style Fall 2011 Fashion Week Season

I'm going to let you guys in on a non- secret, I interviewed for a fabulous position for Fashion...

market appointment - 2:07 PM

Daniel Vosovic Fall 2011 Collection

I was really disappointed headed to see the Daniel Vosovic Fall collection I forgot my digital cam...



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