Fruits in Fashion

Anna Dello Russo This won't be the first time that wearing fruit is a trend. We've seen Prada send models down the runway in banana printed dresses and Anna Dello Russo wore a Piers Atkinson apple hat. So, let's take a look back of the fruits of the loom that got us here. ---- Josephine Baker

Joesphine Baker in 1927 performed in Paris wearing a skirt of banana. Now known as the "Banana dance".

Carmen Miranda

In 1943 in the movie, The Gang's All Here, singer and actress Carmen Miranda wore the famous Fruit Hat, which has become a favorite popular culture costume.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Bell during in one of the episodes of I Love Lucy, wore a Carmen Miranda inspired costume.

Katy Perry

Singer, Katy Perry wore Carmen Miranda Fruit Dress designed by The Blonds during the 2009 Grammys.

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The Royal Wedding Hoopla soon to be over?

Hopefully after tomorrow the Royal Wedding madness will simmer down a little bit. I'm not the one of those, "I'm sick about hearing about the Royal Wedding." I'm actually excited that I get the chance to witness a Prince and soon to be Princess wed at Buckingham Palace. My parents when they lived in Jamaica watched the Princess Diana wedding and told me of all the festivites that involved with the event. Here's what I was and still am sick of hearing, all the designer rumors of who going to be designing the wedding dress. Every designer under the sun at one point was in the press of being the possible designer for Kate's dress. As soon a name was announced it got shutdown as being untrue.
Another thing I'm annoyed at is the many fashion people or self-proclaimed Royal Wedding Experts talking about what designer Kate SHOULD wear.

Give me a break?!

I like fashion because I can express myself through clothes and break the rules which makes fashion fun. However some people are really going overboard with their dictations on someone's wedding attire. I'm not trying to put Kate Middleton in the mold of Princess Diana; different woman, different style.

I'm embracing this historical moment with an open mind and clean slate. This is a modern couple hopefully going do to things their own way.
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The Lucky Winners are...

Congrats to the winners of the Stewart & Brown Earth Day Giveaway!

Heather Sathra Justin, Stephanie, and Domestic Diva
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Happy Earth Day!

The Chic Inspector + Stewart & Brown Giveaway deadline is at 11:59pm today. Enter Now for a chance to win one of THREE Stewart & Brown ESSENTIAL Organic Pima Cotton shirts!

Follow Chic Inspector on Twitter I will be RT'ing any Earth Day tips, deals and announcements.

For readers in the LA area:


Nau, a sustainable urban apparel will be offering a 20 % discount on all products on their website for Earth Day!
This lightweight v-neck top to the left, retails for $75 but get it today for $60. It's all about the savings on Earth Day!

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INHABIT Sample Sale (4/20-4/21)

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Quote of the Day: Karl Lagerfeld on the Pressures of the Fashion Industry

“They shouldn’t have taken on the job in the first place. If they can’t handle the pressure, they should be working for a small company designing two collections a year,” he said. “They want money, they want to be exposed in campaigns and all that and suddenly they feel stressed? No, no. It’s the same thing as football players. Why play if you can’t handle the pressure?”

-Karl Lagerfeld
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Project Runway Open Casting Call for Season 9

Hey Aspiring Designers that want to get touch by the reality bug, Project Runway is holding an open casting call for Season 9 in NYC. Details below:

Designers: Please bring five or six of your most recently made
garments that demonstrate your sewing skills and fashion point of view.
Please do NOT bring bridal, costumes, or garments designed by you but sewn by
someone else. Be prepared for only two of your garments to be looked at, so
please choose accordingly. No models please. Also, please bring a
portfolio if you have one.

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Flash From the Past: Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace
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Stick a Fork In It, You're Done!

This goes to John Galliano.

News broke today that John Galliano was ousted at his namesake collection. I never wrote about the anti-semitics remarks that Galliano said which led to his dismissal from the house of Dior. I'm going to be honest I was conflicted on how I felt with that scandal, that's why I didn't write about the story. John is no doubt a phenomenal visionary, what was said was disgusting and crude, the decision to fire him from Dior was hard to hear, but understandable.

Now it's time to move on. There are rumors swirling around about who will replace John, but until it's confirm I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon. I wonder how long it will take for John to get back in the good graces of the public and more importantly the fashion public. I hope John take the time he needs and come back to show everyone what a brilliant talent he is.
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Market Appointment: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Fall 2011 Collection

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Fall 2011 collection is for the quintessential hippie girl. Arriving at the showroom I was thrown into a sea of shoes (no pun intended) and handbags. I've always been a fan of Cynthia Vincent's shoes and I hop to her collection that was available at Target. However seeing her core collection makes me swoon even more. My favorite pieces during the appointment were the ethnic print blouses, dresses and romper.
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Stewart & Brown Earth Day Giveaway!!!

The day of Green is upon us, that's right Earth Day is a few days aways and I have quite a treat for my readers. Stewart & Brown + Chic Inspector is giving three fabulous readers a 100% Organic Pima Cotton tee from their ESSENTIALS collection. ESSENTIALS pima cotton t-shirts are super soft, flattering for multiple body types and last but not least great for layering.
It's not that difficult to enter, so hop to it!

1. LIKE Stewart & Brown Facebok page

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3. If you haven't done so LIKE the Chic Inspector Facebook page leave a comment on which of the Stewart & Brown pieces is your favorite and why or leave the comment below this post. Include your email and name!

4. Optional if you have a twitter account leave your handle in your comment and I will announce it on twitter and on the blog.

The winners will be announce on April 22nd aka Earth Day! Good Luck and Happy Earth Day!
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Inspected Trend: Skirt It as a Dress

There's no doubt a huge trend right now among the blogger elite and fashion crowd is the maxi pleated skirt. My favorite blogger, Man Repeller, appeared on Refinery29 modeling some detachable collars, but I was more intrigued in what she did with her maxi pleated skirt. The oh so clever Repeller turned her Rag & Bone skirt into a dress by hiking it up to her chest. I remember doing this a few years ago when the bohemian trend was all the rage (please dont judge). I love an item that can be worn a different way.

Below, are a few of my favorite finds that I think would look great either on the waist or above.

2. Suno

5. Tibi
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Zara Colorful April '11 Lookbook

Zara April 2011 lookbook

You can always depend on Zara for taking major trends from the runway and interpreting them for their stores. It's pretty obvious here, where the runway inspiration came from. *cough cough Jil Sander Prada cough*

Now only if the weather can heat up...

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Levi's Fall 2011 Event
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Industry Publicity Market Favs

Dicks Cotton Red Frames Sunglasses

Steven Dann Platform Wedges

KYMERAH Cowl Neck Blouse

David Lerner Sheer Top

Stewart & Brown 100% Organic Skinny Jeans

Improvd Leather Vest
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Chic Envy: Mens Street-Style Fall 2011 Fashion Week Season

I'm going to let you guys in on a non-secret, I interviewed for a fabulous position for Fashion Editor at a GREAT mens magazine, sadly I didn't get it. You win some and lose some, that's just life. I never revealed on this blog that I dabble heavy on many menswear street-style blogs and magazines. There's so much to learn (as the opposite sex) of how a well-groomed man style himself. Even though I may not want to dress like a man taking elements can definitely spruce up any look. Lastly I just can't get enough of George Cortina.
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Daniel Vosovic Fall 2011 Collection

I was really disappointed headed to see the Daniel Vosovic Fall collection I forgot my digital camera and had to resort to using my iphone which equals not so great photos. I tried my best to take good pictures. But I digress, Daniel is definitely one of those popular contestant from the Project Runway of yore that stood out. His Fall 2011 Collection was the mixture of two worlds, Old Country and Dominatrix and sex. I was was given the scenario to imagine a girl coming from the country and heading to the big City in which she embraces her new life but still hasn't lost her country roots, I totally understood. The most fascinating collections are those with a story that is of two opposite worlds. My favorite pieces of the collection where embellished with septum rings, yes septum piercing rings. I usually see septum rings in someone's nose but designing onto a blouse sheds a whole new light facials piercings.

The print of this dress is actual sex masks. How kinky and sweet?!

Daniel Vosovic Fall 2011 MoodBoards

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