Balancing Act: Fashion Week and School

My sister never had to deal with the madness of Fashion Week and going to countless shows so she asked me "How are you keeping up with everything.” 'Everything' means going to school, my part-time job and among other things. Thinking about it I don't know how I dealt with everything in my life while running around NYC to get to fashion shows some of which I missed. This season I had mid-terms during fashion week and last season I had final exams. I laugh and sigh about how the shows I got invited to that didn't interfere with my exams. I remember last season I had an exam at 8:30am and I had to go to the Tibi show that started at 9:00am. It's a great comfort that my school is two blocks away from the tents so I didn't have to worry about taking the subway to get there, just really fast power walking. To quickly sum it up I landed at the tents at 8:45am and I passed the test and class with an A and the Tibi show was great.

This season when I had my exams in the morning and the shows I needed to go were later on in the day. I had one close call when I had an exam that started at 8:55am sharp and the professor resumed class at 9:30 am, well I had to go the Y&Kei show at the New York Public Library. I kindly told the teacher I needed to leave after the test to go to an appointment, I didn't give her specifics. To quickly sum it up again I passed the class, the exam and made to the Y&Kei to see Kate Lanphear sitting front row. Kate Lanphear sitting front row at Y&KeiI have been quite lucky not to be placed in a conundrum where a fashion show started at the same time as any one of my exams. But I survived the week and my classes.

Here are my tips to any fashion bloggers who are college students out there who might be attending any Fashion Week around the world.

1.) Be kind to your Professors early on in the semester.
2.) Kick ass on the tests and assignments prior to fashion week, try to get full credit on everything in class just in case you miss a few things from being at the shows.
3.) Become friends and stay in contact with classmates even if you have to fake it, they might help you when you’re completely lost in class after the hectic week.
4.) Try to make arrangements with professors for any extra credit even if you don't need it will show your professor that you are really interested in the class.
5.) Either with a blackberry or day planner make note of the times of exams and fashion shows you are considering, you don't want any confusions.

Basically prioritize is key and keep hydrated with lots of water.
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A Reflect Back at Fall 2008 New York Fashion Week

Best Dressed: Kate Lanphear

Kate Lanphear Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine

Kate Lanphear the Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine. What can I say about this hip editor. I admire her streetstyle I've seen on websites so it was awesome to see her in person on several occassions during fashion week.

The Hottest Trend Under the Tent: Black Patent Leather Heels

Patent Leather Shoe Trend at New York Fashion Week

Who wasn't wearing any style of black patent shoes during New York Fashion Week (for the exception of me)? This had to be the most popular shoe trend among the fashionistas.

Most Unique Stride on the Catwalk: Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss Walk at New York Fashion Week

Teen Vogue's cover girl, Karlie Kloss had the most unique stride coming down various runways. I totally understand that she takes ballet which make her glide very smoothly instead of stomping around like some models do. What caught my eye was her ghostly stare, what the hell is up with that? The first time I saw this model I became extremely uneasy about her stare, even people in the audience I overheard was talking about it. It's all about standing out and she certainly does.

New York Fashion Week Partner in Crime:

Jamesson Beane

Jamesson Beane, I met him last season and this season we hung out all week. He's probably the sweetest and funniest guy I met under the Tents since I have been going to NY Fashion Week. I have to say with the many adventures and career moves J is going through I became extremely jealous when I wasn't with him this is what happened. Yup that's right the only time I wasn't attached to his arm he snagged a pic and quick chat with Kate Lanphear. I am still jealous but I love him anyway.

Video Wrap Up
In the video below is a sum up of all the editors, stylists, writers and models during New York Fashion Week that I came in contact with this show season.

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In and around the Rad Hourani Show - Photos

Stylist James Worthington DeMolet

Stylist James Worthington DeMolet around after the Rad Hourani show

Coco Rocha
Model Coco Rocha was in the Rad Hourani show
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Rad Hourani Fall 2008 Collection

Rad Hourani a really talented Canadian designer I have a really good feeling about him.

Music: You Are The One by Shiny Toy Guns
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I Spy, You Spy: Model Down!

Karen Elson at the Zac Posen Show

"That's so bad she fell in his finale dress!" - an onlooker said after Karen Elson crashed down in the Zac Posen runway show.
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Cynthia Rowley Fall 2008 Collection

Gotta love that beginning...

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Favorite Outfit from the Tents - Day 7

I complete thought this girl's outfit was adorable...

Jacket by Minty

Dress by Chloe
(click the picture for larger view)

Shoes: Gucci (the last Tom Ford Collection)
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Temperley London Fall 2008 Collection

You can hear the applause from the audience when the show starts...an hour late

Music: Reptilia by The Strokes
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New York Fashion Week Day 6 Photos

Sally Singer Vogue Editor,ChicInspector.Blogspot.com

Hamish Bowles Vogue Editor, ChicInspector.Blogspot.com

Kate Lanphear Senior Style Editor, ChicInspector.Blogspot.com

Meredith Melling Burke Vogue Editor, ChicInspector.Blosgpot.com

Gilles Bennisom Elle, ChicInspector.Blogspot.com
Leigh Misshapes, ChicInspector.Blogspot.com

Rag & Bone Designers

I didn't understand when the designers of Rag & Bone walked through the doors the photogs didn't jumped to take their photos. They just recently had an impeccable collection.

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Quote of the Day

"That's so ow!" - Joe Zee said to Roberta Myers regarding a girl's outfit.
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Carlos Miele Fall 2008 Collection

Music: Sweet Jane by The Velvet Underground
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Y&Kei Fall 2008 Collection

In this video I caught a quick glimpse at Scott Schuman talking to an Vogue Editor(?)(I am not sure anyone can correct me on this) and you will see Kate Lanphear from Elle Magazine.

The music in the video is I Turn My Camera On by Spoon.

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I Spy, You Spy: Coutorture Network

Jane Doe #1: Yeah, I would not consider the Coutorture Network.

Jane Doe #2: Have you ever met Julie?

Jane Doe #1:Yes, she was so frigidity. I mean, I was like calm down.
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Lisa Love & Vincent Gallo an item?

Teen Vogue Lisa Love and actor Vincent Gallo
Lisa "I'm over the Hills" Love cuddled it up with Vincent Gallo in the lobby at the Tents. Right before I clicked the shuttered button Vincent planted one big kiss on Lisa's cheek. Awww so sweet.
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Karen Walker 2008 Fall Collection Review and Video

The Page is Translated in English from Spanish

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New York Fashion Week Day 5 Photos

Dani Stahl Style Director for Nylon Magazine
Constance White
Roberta Myers and Joe Zee

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What are you wearing, Kate Lanphear?

Kate Lanphear the stylish hip editor at Elle Magazine, I quickly caught up with her before the Diesel show to see exactly what's she was wearing. (don't expect anything long it's a quick few seconds)

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Blind Item: Camera-Loving Designer

Which designer was so against of the photogs getting any kind of shots of the clothes backstage he/she even purposely dimmed the lights of the finale walk causing the photogs to have trouble getting shots?
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Teen Vogue after the Karen Walker Show

Teen Vogue at the Karen Walker Show Teen Voguettes after the Karen Walker show at the Altman Building
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New York Fashion Week Safety, Cory Kennedy

Dear Cory,

Cory Kennedy New York Fashion Week Chic Inspector It's not a wise choice to throw yourself in front of moving cars to hail a cab, there are more safer options.



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I Spy, You Spy: Conde Nast at the Marriott?

At the Tents during NY Fashion Week Day 4 ...

Jane Doe Model: "A photographer wanted to shoot me for Conde Nast at the Marriott."

John Doe Friend: "Honey, Conde Nast would not do a shoot at the Marriott, the W maybe but not at the Marriott."
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Iodice 2008 Fall Collection

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Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2008 Collection

Such a great collection by Alexandre I was getting kind of curious when the first looks were all black but then curiosity went away when the bust colored garments came down the runway. In Alexandre fashion there were mixed of colors were arranged in stripes and geometric shapes draped loosely in silk. The silhouette was away from the body which created a steady flow when the models walked.

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Day 2 NY Fashion Week Photos

Mary Kate Steinmiller Teen Vogue Fashion Editor
Samantha Child Teen Vogue Intern
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
Susan from Glam.com
ChicInspector.Blogspot.com Fall 2008 NY Fashion Week
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Blind item - A Can't Do

Which 'host' of an popular TV show was having trouble getting in backstage at a very trendy show during NY Fashion Week? As one PR girl said just a mere few inches from him and his girlfriend, "Why does he need to go backstage?"
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Internet Hell

It has been hard trying to get on the internet at the Tents so I probably will post everything I want when I get home!
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'Sex' in the Tents

No you nasty fools not like that. I have notice days counting down to New York Fashion Week billboards and posters promoting the Sex in the City Movie. I was however suprise that under the tents it was a video playing with Pat Fields and other Sex in the City cast talking about the fashion in the movie. With so much hype for this movie and promotion I just want to see the movie when it comes out. Let's just say somethings and scenes need to be left for the Movie.
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Suze does it again

Isn't she the epitome of happy chic, always friendly while looking fierce, Suze Yalof Schwartz of Glamour magazine. Today when we catched up at the Yigal show this morning talking about the designer, the goody bag which had goofballs in it, her dress and how to be assertive. She always has the right words to give me the boost I need for this hectic week.
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Damn You New Designer Damn You

This designer will remain nameless as someone said he's no Marc Jacob. The show was to suppose to start at 6pm the show was running around an hour and half late and when I left with a few other fashion industry people the show still didn't start. This designer is relatively new to the scene so in support I went to the venue in hopes that show will start on time just so I can make it back to the Erin Fetherston show. Let's just say I didn't make to the show. It's really disappointing during the first day of fashion week and have people in a venue waiting to be called so the show can start. Like someone said who left the venue of the new designer, 'you're no Marc Jacobs'. It would have probably started on time if there were real industry people and less posers.

Damn you, damn you
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Yigal Azrouel Fall 2008 Collection

What a fabulous collection it was. Anyway I loved the collection on behalf of Newsfshionweek.com and enjoyed seeing the heavy hitters of fashion come thru let's do the rundown Andre Leon Talley (sitting in 2nd row?)
Kate Young very adorable pregnant.
Tracy Taylor from Marie Claire
Joanna Coles EIC from Maire Claire
Kate Lanphear from Elle Magazine (a photog told me she was there I didn't see her though)
Meredith Burke from Vogue magazine
Cory Kennedy
Suze Yalof Schwartz

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Pouring Rain and Under the Tents

Yes I arrived to the Tents today a little early however coming in away from the ugly rain I discovered many changes. The Press lounge is in a completely different location then before it was before it's more spacious but a little tight and to that the pretentious guy doing the check-ins NO INTERNS WILL PICK UP YOUR DRY CLEANING get a life. Anyway Heidi Klum looks great this morning and it was comical when she was outside and couldn't figure out how to close her umbrella but isn't that what assistants are for.

I am going to a dynamite show in the next hour, I'm pretty excited!!!

Have a Happy Fashion Week!

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