Vogue Eyewear/CFDA “City Collection” Launch

Rebecca Minkoff for New York City

Tuesday I attended the launch of the Vogue Eyewear/CFDA capsule collection at the Sunglass Hut. Designers Rebecca Minkoff, Botiker and Yeohlee designed a a pair of sunglasses inspired by their favorites cities. In attendance was Alexa Chung, bloggers Jane from Sea of Shoes and Natalie from Natalie off Duty, DJ Kwok and CFDA's Ceo, Steven Kolb, which I didn't get a chance to speak with.

Yeohlee Teng for Los Angeles

Monica Botkier for Miami
The scene at the event
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The Fashion Press Are Not Happy

News broke this morning during the Balenciaga runway show benches started to crumble under the fashion's Elite, which ultimately everyone in attendance had to stand. I did snicker on the inside, but hey no one got hurt so that's a good thing. Shortly after tweets started to fill up my timeline about the benching-catastrophe, Meenal Minstry, a Fashion Writer for Style.com tweeted, "Best quote of the day "Tom Ford could have used some faulty benches to get his standing ovation." Ouch! Which brings me to my point of this post, apparently Tom Ford was expecting a standing ovation at the end of his fashion show that never happened. Was the collection that awful the fashion crowd was unimpressed to not stand for the man that overhauled Gucci a few years ago?  Well Virginie Mouzat certainly thinks so. She wrote, "From the first model on the runway, we are struck by what resembles an out-of-style Gucci collection from ten years ago." You can read the rest of the article on The Cut and it's not pleasant. Moving on to Lady Gaga's main man, Nicola Formichetti for Mugler, this show also didn't receive a pleasant review from the fashion press. Christina Brinkley tweeted this and wrote on her WSJ Blog, "It was a melange of the trends of the past 15 years: Beige from 2010, articulated shoulders from 2009, gothic, asymmetrical cuts from Helmut Lang." Another Ouch! Paris Fashion Week is not over yet and I hope that the collections gets better because the fashion critics are not holding back.
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Amazon Contemporary Shop + Giveaway

Amazon.com, you know that mega online retailer that sells books and other things. Well among those other things are clothes, the website just launched Amazon Contemporary Shop. The shop carries brands such as Halston Heritage, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Rebecca Minkoff, Jack Spade and a few more. As a special gift from me to you, one lucky reader will get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 50 bucks is a lot and a nice amount to spend on clothes. So to the lucky reader here's an early, Your Welcome.

All you have to do is go to the Amazon Contemporary Shop and tell me what piece you would use the $50 on and why. Get creative and spunky fashionistas!
Leave your response in my comments sections with your email address and I will notify that person on Monday, October 3rd.

By the way, the gorgeous model to the left of this post is wearing pieces from the Amazon Contemporary Shop styled by me.

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Must Read: Fashion Bloggers Get Agents

Kelly Framel, The Glamourai
On the other extreme are bloggers with an inflated sense of worth. In February, Macala Wright, a digital marketing consultant in Los Angeles, said she invited several bloggers to appear on a panel at Magic, a fashion trade show in Las Vegas. She had a modest travel allowance from the sponsor, but one blogger represented by an agency “wanted a first-class flight, hotel, five grand a day for three days — and an extra day to recover from the flight,” she said. Ms. Wright went with someone else and is still shocked by the sense of entitlement. “Just because you have 15,000 followers on Twitter,” she said, “doesn’t equate to Anne Hathaway showing up.”

I would love to know who was this "entitled" blogger. Wow!
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Fashion News: Hello Kitty Heading to Bloomie’s; Goodbye D&G

Hello, Kitty! Brand new Italian label, Pynkiss, has unveiled its more than 200-piece Hello Kitty line. And get this: it comes in women’s sizes for all you grown-up gals who can’t get enough of this cute cat. Look for the collection this January at your local Bloomie’s or Galleries Lafayette (now you’ll know what to exchange those ghastly Christmas gifts for!). [Elle]

The Muppets x Opening Ceremony. Uh…yeah, this collection really is what it sounds like. [OC]

Apparently, Lauren Conrad has hinted at launching her own beauty line. And after her oh-so-chic Paper Crown debut, who could blame her? [Fashionista]

Bid farewell to Dolce and Gabbana’s lower-priced D&G line: after 17 years strong, it will fold into the main line. Now how will we be able to afford anything? [WashingtonPost]

-Diana Denza
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Quote of the Day: Joe Zee's Chicken

Quote by Joe Zee

My fellow female editors are generally showered with gifts of shoes, dresses and sometimes even crocodile handbags, but I was more than content with my feathery friend—spit-roasted of course.
-Joe Zee in Why Gucci Sent Joe Zee A Roast Chicken
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Brown Lovelies in Blue Hues

Grasie Mercedes Shala Monroque Shiona Turini
In the pic: fashion blogger Grasie Mercedes, Blogger and Creative Director Shala Monroque and Teen Vogue's Accessories Director, Shiona Turini

When I write brown I'm referring to skin complexion and fortunately I'm part of that "brown" club if you will. It's recently since I really started to embrace color in my wardrobe. It's been a fun adjustment with the oranges, yellows and greens but I think I need to definitely get some blue in my life. I think a color that compliments a range of skin tones is one to invest in.

Blue Hues 
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Sally Singer's Visual Imagination for Fall

Sally Singer

Quickly after Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week show ended, the temperatures dropped reminding us that Fall is around the corner. In Februray I had a quick with Sally Singers and other editors. However in usually Sally Singer style one would think a simple question would provoke a simple answer, not for Sally. Her answer for, What you like the most during New York Fashion Week, was intellecutally inspiring that it needed it's own post.

"What I like the most about fashion week is just seeing new things and having your eye adjust. It's not just having your eye adjust it's often things you're thinking about are confirmed. So I've been in this lace jag in my life, I've been wearing every vintage black lace dress I have and there's lace everywhere for winter. So you both see that your visual imagination is on track with the way people you respect visual imagination is going and then you also get to see stuff that wasn't in your imagination at all and that sort of sends you further."

What if your visual imagination is not on track?
"I'm sort of stubborn so my visual imagination keeps going where it's going. But it's really nice to be surprise, it's really nice to have your eye shifted and jolted to something new. It's always is inevitable because even I'm thinking winter lace and wearing winter lace I found at flea markets, it's one thing to see it in my weird head. It's other thing to see Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and everyone else do it and really do something with it. It makes it all the more interesting and more desirable for having seen it. I think it's really great to be surprised we don't always look for NY for that jolt it's often in Paris when you're starting to edit and something happens and your like, oh really it's all about that."

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Lucky Magazine + Lord & Taylor Shopping Event

Suze Yalof Schwartz Lord and Taylor

Lucky Magazine invited some of us fashion bloggers for a fabulous shopping event at Lord & Taylor. Suze Yalof Schwartz former Glamour Magazine Fashion Editor is now Lord & Taylor's Fashion Editor at Large was on hand offering styling tips and shopping suggestions for the new Fall assortment. Her tips for Fall while shopping at Lord & Taylor was to go for anything with Shine, which could be sequins, metallic, gold or silver accents. Color Blocking, who doesn't love to color block? Dresses, which are the easiest way to throw something on and still look effortless. Shoes, Suze said that you can definitely find something Christian Louboutin-ish, I definitely chuckled at that. L&T does have a great variety of styles that it was hard to go through all of them in the short of amount of time I had there.

These were my choices:
Juicy Couture Faux fur vest
I wasn't feeling this Juicy Couture vest, can you tell?

BCBG Max Azria Suede Vest
This BCBG Max Azria suede vest was very cute, but how often will I wear this? Not that many.

My good friend Donna from DonnaDaily.com and I decided the best item to buy that is worth the money and will have longevity is a coat or blazer, which is so true.
This coat by is by Elie Tahari, I love it!

Speaking of Donna...
Donna Donnadaily.com
She bought this bad ass leather sleeve blazer by BCBG Max Azria. I was totally jealous but only her can pull that blazer off. Gorg!

I had a really great time catching up with my fellow bloggers, chatting with Suze and shopping at Lord Taylor.
Thanks Lucky and Lord & Taylor!
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Inspected Trend: Pretty Pastels

Inspected Trend Pretty Pastel Spring 2012 Tibi Luca Luca Philip Lim

After the dominating colors that was a huge hit with color-blocking now for Spring the blocking is still the same however the colors are much softer. If you loved color blocking you can still carry on your blocking skills but throw in some pastels instead. It's a fresh and soft take on a trend the consumers and fashion fans love so much.
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Flash From the Past: Karl Lagerfeld and Grace Coddington

Karl Lagerfeld and Grace Coddington
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Inspection Report: Lia Sophia Jewelry Collection

Show: Lia Sophia Jewelry Collection
Location: Empire Hotel

Solange Knowles who's been making her round at Fashion Week, has been wearing Lia Sophia jewelry so of course I had to check out their collection. Truth: I've grown to love Solange Knowles style. Anyway, this was the only jewelry presentation I had the whole week and I surely wasn't disappointed. I'm always giddy with excitement with jewelry that's not chunky but still subtle to be a statement piece. This collection definitely had loads of that.

Grade: B

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Fashion News: Conde Nast to Open School; ‘Gossip Girl’ Collection to Hit Stores

Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week[pic: style.mtv.com]

Ever dream of being educated in fashion by Conde Nast? That can now be a reality, thanks to the magazine house’s move to create the London-based Conde Nast International School of Fashion and Design. The school is slated for a 2012 opening, so if you’re looking to send in an application or just want the dets, check out Racked.

So what if you’re late for your lunch date? You must check out the Alexa Chung for Madewell look book. I promise it’ll be even better than the eye candy waiting downstairs. [Fashionista]

Bored at work or procrastinating on homework? Need the scoop on fashion week? Check out Lucky magazine’s extensive online coverage. It’s so much more fun than Facebook stalking your exes. [Lucky]

Alexander Wang devotees, take note: the renowned fashion designer will grace the cover of Out magazine’s October issue. Pick up your copy –and the exclusive interview that waits–on September 20. [Racked]

Romeo and Juliet Couture will release a Gossip Girl collection later this month. It’s about two years too late, but for some reason, I’m still ridiculously excited. [Elle]

Remember Nicki Minaj’s seriously attention-grabbing outfit at Fashion Week’s Carolina Herrera show? Well, apparently, her rainbow pom-pom concoction was ripped off from a 21-year-old designer.

Jessica Rogers of SomeDayNewYorker said:

“When I saw the photos [of Minaj at Carolina Herrera] I was in tears. I’ve worked very hard to make my dream of being a fashion designer come true. I have built contacts with Teen Vogue, Gaga, Katy Perry, and Marina and the Diamonds has worn my garments. [Now,] I feel like everything has crumbled down.” [Fashionista]

-Diana Denza

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My Favorite Pics from NY Fashion Week on Instagram

Instagram has been a huge hit with those with an iPhone during New York Fashion Week. Now that Spring 2012 fashion week has finally commenced.

Here are my favorite pics:

Milly spring 2012 runway background #nyfw #mbfw  (Taken with instagram)

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Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show

Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show

Show: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show

Location: MBFW

Performance: As the last show of New York Fashion Week this definitely ended on a sweet note. Prints were the name of the game at Milly - pixelated, graphic prints in bold colors.
The collection was heavily influenced by the 70's the wide leg pants, scarves wrapped around the necks (my mom used to do that back in the 70's) and fulls skirts.

Grade: B+

Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show
Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show

Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show

Inspection Report: Milly Spring 2012 Runway Show
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Inspection Report: Improvd 2012 Presentation

Inspection Report Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation

Show: Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation

Location: MBFW

Piece to covet: Cream leather basket-weave vest

Performance: I didn't know what to think when of images of parrots and other birds started to fly in slow motion on big screen. But it was to gear us up for the collection obviously. As the models appear in three sets it was clear there was an organic balance between hard and soft. There were structured leather pieces with exposed seams which came in harnesses, straps, vests and skirts. However on the soft side, all of the leather accents were paired with water color printed tops and flowy skirts.

Grade: B+

Inspection Report Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation

Inspection Report Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation

Inspection Report Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation

Inspection Report Improvd Spring 2012 Presentation
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Re: Blogging Mean Business

Blogging in the Lobby during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

I had a chuckle today in the Lobby at Lincoln Center waiting to for a show to start. Reading Blogging Mean Business hit a nerve... a good nerve with me. I had this blog since 2006 and even though I'm not on a Bryan Boy status, I have experienced emails requesting for me to do things way beyond for free. I will make the expectation if it will provide a good angle for my blog but on the other end, I'm doing it for free. Jennine Jacob, blogger at The Coveted said in the article, "My student loans don’t accept free products from a brand and neither does my landlord." I agree with this wholeheartedly, I wish one day that companies can cough up the money to pay bloggers but some is still figuring how to incorporate "bloggers" in their marketing/pr strategy. I'm still unemployed and blogging has kept me busy, if you haven't noticed I had to cut drastically the amount of shows I went to because of financial reasons. Even with my efforts of getting help, I still couldn't attend shows and events as I would like. With that said, a new year is almost upon us and blogging is hardwork to maintain and companies should respect and compensate that.
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Inspected Trend: Geometric Prints

Inspected Trend Geometric Prints Rag and Bone Nicole Miller LAMB

I don't know if designers are trying to make me dizzy or lose my mind at the same time, any way geometric prints are hitting the runways in New York in major ways. Head to toe smorgasbord of lines, triangles, polygons and zig zaging in and out. There's nothing boring about this trend, just make sure you avert your eyes.
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Inspection Report: Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Show: Callua Lillibelle
Location: MBFW

Pieces To Covet: Neon pink twist dress, polka dot tuxedo shirt and yellow jacquard blazer

Performance: It's all about color and mix matching prints, polka dots and stripes. The Callula Lillibelle woman is sophisticated and this collection hasn't lost that. The injection of color and lace details made it more playful than seasons past.


Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

Callula Lillibelle Spring 2012 Presentation

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